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ANSA National Board and Contacts
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ANSA National board contacts

ANSA Code of Practice
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ANSA Constitution
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ANSA National Life Members
1979 Eric Moller (Dec.) Qld.
1980 Vic McCristal (Dec.) Qld.
1982 John O’Sullivan Qld.
1983 Dick Lewers (Dec) NSW
1983 Pat Hunter (Dec) NSW
1983 Hank Newman (Dec.) NSW
1983 Alex Blair (Dec.) Vic.
1983 Robert Dunn (Dec.) NSW
1984 Mick Dohnt Qld.
1984 Geoff Hawkins (Dec.) NSW
1984 Bill Glasson Vic.
1992 Steve Theofanes Qld
1992 Ron Poole Qld
1992 Tom Mohr Vic.
1992 Les Brown SA.
1992 Joe Leonard Vic.
1995 Nik Phizacklea Vic.
2001 Bill Harvey N.S.W.
2006 John Burgess N.S.W.
2007 Stan Konstantaras N.S.W.
2007 Bill Sawynok QLD.
2021 Joe Garufi N.S.W.

State Branches

New South Wales Branch
Victorian Branch
Queensland Branch
South Australian Branch
Tasmanian Branch
West Australian Branch

ANSA Clubs
Adelaide Sportfishing Club
Botany Bay Sportfishing Club
Bribie Island Sportfishing Club
Canberra Fishermans Club
Hastings District Sportfishing Club
Snapper Point Angling Club
Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club
Melton Sportfishing Club
Williamstown Sportfishing & Game Club
ORCA Fishing Club Tasmania
Tocumwal Angling Club
Greensborough Angling Club
Keppel Bay Sportfishing Club
Campbelltown Sportfishing Club
Southern Brisbane Sportfishing Club
Recreational Fishing Alliance
Boronia Sportfishing Club
Brisbane Sportfishing Club
Echuca-Moama Sportfishing Club
Northern Districts Sportfishing Club
Townsville Sportfishing Club
South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association
Knox boat fishing club
Wynyard Angling Club
Narooma Sport and Game Fishing Club
Sea Bees Sport Fishing Club
West Coast Sportfishing Club
Eden Sport and Game Fishing Club
Solitary Island Gamefishing Club

RecFish Australia
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ANSA is a longstanding club member of the IGFA. Click to read more.
Latest IGFA record requirements
Currently John Burgess is the ANSA Australia representative on IGFA

Neatfish is a Standard for the National Environmental Assessment of Tournament Fishing and is endorsed by ANSA.
NEATFISH Accreditation