Geelong Star Threat

Geelong Star Super Trawler Threat



ANSA update 18/2/2016

Senate inquiry Submission 26/1/2016
ANSA latest update 11.12.2015
Conference attendees 1.12.2015

Recreational areas of concern
Areas closed to mid water trawl
ARFF media release 3.12.2015

ARFF Latest release on Geelong Star night fishing allowed 24/9/2015
ARFF Media Release, removing trawler ban
ANSA Update on Geelong Star/ SPF 24.6.2015
ARFF Media Release 24.6.2015
ANSA Update on Geelong Star/ SPF 17.6.2015
ARFF Letter to Senator Colbeck 15.6.2015
Fish Quota Scientist resigns in row over trawler owner
ARFF Response to SPFIA 25.5.2015
ANSA Update on Geelong Star / SPF 5.5.2015
AFMA Media Release / SPF Catch Limits 2015/16
Letter to AFMA from Minister Hunt 4.5.15
ANSA Update on Geelong Star/ SPF 16.4. 2015
ARFF Media Release 16.4.2015
ARFF Proposal for SPF 15.4.2015