Kingfish Restocking


I have attached some photos that I took today at Kurnell featuring the release of some 3500 juvenile Kingfish which were bred by NSW Fisheries at the Port Stephens Research Centre. The whole exercise took about 3 hours to unload the fish from the tanker into 3 large oxygenated holding tanks and then relocated by hand to another tank on the Fisheries punt and then released about 400 metres off shore on the sea grass beds. The average size of the fish were about 20cm. There were no mortalities.

This is the second stocking of Kingfish by NSW Fisheries as some 3000 were released last week in Lake Macquarie. It is proposed that a third stocking of another 3500 Kingfish fingerlings take place at Yarra Bay (Botany Bay) sometime next week.

This is great news for Sydney based recreational fishers using funds generated by the Saltwater Licence Trust and also a grant of $200000 sourced via the EPA as a penalty for pollution of Botany Bay by Caltex some years ago. ANSA played an instrumental role in sourcing this grant which will also be used for stocking of Mulloway in Botany Bay.

Please circulate to your Club and member networks.


John Burgess
Executive Officer/ Director.  ANSA National
Vice President. ANSA NSW

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