News and Reports

ANSA News and Reports

ANSA submission to NSW DPI on Southern Bluefin Tuna limits April 2014
ANSA response to NSW fishing rules review (August 2013)
Biodegradable line, a plus for the environment
Recreational Fishing in Australia – 2010 & Beyond
Submission to the ACMA on licensing of VHF marine radio
IGFA Rule changes for released fish
IGFA Length only application requirements
Grey nurse shark submission 26 August 2011
Grey Nurse Shark Media Release
National Issues 11/4/2011
Paper expressing the need for change to ANSA rulebook re scales
Hammerhead sharks submission 10 Sep 2012
Mulloway submission 15 October 2012
The campaign for the Marlin
Engine emissions submission 6 July 2012
Boat Trailer parking on Public roads
Submission on Gemfish listing
Reform of NSW Commercial fisheries