RecFish Australia

There are about three and half million  Australians who go fishing for sport and recreation every year and  because we are so many, recreational and sportfishing is a huge industry; in fact one of the biggest   industries in the country and one of the biggest single outdoor  participatory sports and recreation.

Recfish Australia is the peak national body  for recreational and sport fishing in Australia and is made up of many  other organisations:-

ANSA (Australian National Sportfishing Association)
AFANT (Amateur Fishermen’s Association of Northern Territory) FFSAQ (Fresh Water Fishing and Stocking Association of Queensland)
NSWACORF (New South Wales Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing)
RECFISHWEST (Western Australian Recreational & Sportfishing Council)
TARFish (Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing)
VRFish (Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body)
AUF (Australian Underwater Federation – Spearfishing Commission),
RFA NSW (Receational Fishing Alliance of NSW)
USFA (Underwater Skindivers & Fishermans Association)

Recreational and sport fishing is extremely  important and valuable to Australian society and to the national  economy. But fishing depends for its existence entirely on one natural  resource – fish. The future of   fishing and the quality of our fishing experience is determined by the  way we look after or manage that natural resource which includes fish  habitat and the aquatic and marine environment generally. It must be  managed   properly and efficiently to maximise benefits to all concerned and to  ensure the preservation and health of the resource itself.

And that’s why in 1983 the Australian  Recreational and Sport Fishing Industry Confederation Inc was formed –  to give all Australian fishers a voice so they can advise and assist in  the sustainable management of   this country’s immense recreational and sport fishing resource. In 1995  the trading name of Recfish Australia was adopted. ANSA was a founding member of Recfish and remains actively involved in its  activities  and projects.

Recfish Australia is your voice to the  Australian Government to make sure that recreational and sport fishing  gets a fair hearing and our concerns and needs are addressed regarding  environmental, sport, habitat,   access, allocation, protection, disease, importation and a host of  other issues. Without that voice decisions, policies, minority views,  etc will be heard and this will impact on your fishing in the future.

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