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2015/16 Joint Meritorious Capture Awards go to SA members – Paul Wolfendale and Shane Evans.
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ANSA Comments on Marine Reserves Review & Management Plans

Check out the “News” page on the super trawler threat.
Check out the whale shark capture by Geelong Star

Latest trawler updates here ANSA member update 8/2/16
Whale Shark Capture read about SBT and Murray Cod.
 New lower National fees Kalbarri fishing Classic Report

ANSA is the peak body for sportfishing in Australia and encompasses all the needs of the beginner as well as the experienced angler. It represents recreational sportfishers through various branches and affiliated clubs in Australia. Joining a local ANSA affiliated club is the best way to maximise the benefits of ANSA membership. Clubs usually meet monthly to plan competitions or fishing trips for that month. Clubs have an excellent social atmosphere and often have social training nights for beginners. If you can’t join a local club, direct membership is also available. Costs are minimal and benefits are high.The ANSA record chart is the largest in the world and covers line class from 1 kg through to 60 kg. There are seven different divisions that an angler can fish ranging from the general sportfishing through to flyfishing, gamefishing, etc. ANSA also conducts a non-line class ‘All Tackle’ Length Only record chart and a national tagging program. Catch and release is strongly encouraged and ANSA provides a Masters capture awards program for those sportfishers who really want to test their individual angling skills.
Bill Glasson fishing Flinders Island with Kirkhope Aviation
Kirkhope Aviation, Fishing Tours
Latest tours, July 2016 some seats still available.
New front picTake a look at ANSA’s Angel Rings on YouTube Video…