Angel Rings

Angel Rings are life buoys installed at popular ocean rock fishing spots across NSW. Angel Rings are also installed on wharves, fishing platforms and along bush walking tracks. Pilot projects are also underway in Victoria and Tasmania. Angel Rings keep the victim afloat and away from the rocks until help arrives or a rescue can be organised.

Since 1994, the Australian National Sportfishing Association NSW (ANSA) has been managing the project and has installed over 100 angel rings in known rock fishing spots and is participating in community education programs.

Visit the Angel Ring website.

Safe Fishing

The Safe Fishing website is a resource of fishing safety information, safety tips, videos, fact sheets, alerts and other material. Many of the videos and fact sheets are multilingual.

It was produced by The Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, a volunteer organisation, and the peak recreational representative fishing body in NSW. We encourage everyone to use the information on this website and to distribute it among other recreational fishers, fishing clubs, schools, community groups and the media. Permission is freely given to all non-profit users.

Visit the Safe Fishing website.

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