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The most important function and service that ANSA offers to its members is representation. Sportfishers hold a unique viewpoint in respect of the fishery, conservation, access, ethics and innovation. Bringing these viewpoints to policy makers, regulators and the broader general public is essential for the continued fishing enjoyment of current and future generations. Jurisdiction over fishing issues rests mainly with State Governments, so clubs and State branches of ANSA can play a vital and collective role in progressing and representing the views and concerns of members. Equally important is the social vale of belonging to a progressive organisation which actively promotes the ideals and values of sportfishing throughout the broader community and keeps its members informed on issues of interest and importance. ANSA membership has something to offer everybody. Some of the more specific benefits are detailed on the website.

There are two ways to become a member of ANSA
The first method is to join a local club in your local area. A visit to your local tackle shop will assist you locate a local club or put you in contact with a club member. Alternatively you can email one of the State Branch Membership officers ( listed below) who will endeavour to put you in contact with a club that is close to where you live Another method of joining ANSA, particularly if there is no ANSA affiliated club close to you, is to become a Direct Member of ANSA. You can apply for Direct Membership by emailing the Membership Officer representing your State. Check your state website for more details.

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Costs when joining a local club will vary from club to club and the charge for Direct Membership may vary from State to State. When joining as a Direct Member of ANSA, you receive all the benefits of full membership such as newsletters and a copy of the ANSA Rule Book which will give you a meaningful insight into what ANSA is all about and rules on how to fish in all ANSA competition divisions. You can also participate in over 100 fishing conventions and tournaments convened by ANSA and its affiliated clubs across the Nation.

What does it cost to join ANSA
Each State branch has its own fee structure but generally the annual fee is in the vicinity of $30 for senior members and there are concessions for family, student and junior members.

ANSA has a range of logo endorsed stickers and badges that most members will find appealing to fix to their cars, boats, tackle boxes, apparel etc. There are also ANSA capture and release approved measuring devices known as “Brag matts” These items can be ordered direct from ANSA National by clubs.

Access to ANSA State Executive  
If you need any assistance to establish your club or explanation of rules or any other issue that may be a source of confusion then don’t hesitate to contact someone from your the State branch executive. They are there to help you. Names and contact details are on the ANSA website.


1. A National Record Chart and rule book as required
– New initiatives come into play on July 1st every four years coinciding with a leap year
2. Access to Masters  
–  ANSA provides a series of awards that recognise personal achievement
–  Masters categories include 6 tackle divisions plus  Tagging, Freshwater impoundment, Landbased,      Sportfishing, All tackle – Trophy length.
3. Badges and Patches  
–  Masters patches and 5 to 1 club patches
–  250 point capture
–  500 point capture
–  750 point capture
–  1000 point capture
–  boat stickers
–  car stickers
–  masters pins
4. Association with a world leader in the recreational fishing industry
–  ANSA is affiliated with IGFA
–  Members can claim world records
5. National Record Charts  
– Records are available in:  (a) Weight/line class across a multitude of divisions  (b) All tackle division, including Trophy length (non line class)
– Extensive eligible species list including all IGFA recognised gamefish
6. Diversity in fishing experience  
–  Sportfishing
–  Lurecasting
–  Flyfishing
–  Gamefishing
–  Landbased Gamefishing
–  Handlining
–  Tag and Release
–  Freshwater impoundment
–  Landbased sportfishing
7. Fishing Ethic
– The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and that the latter is entitled to an even chance for its life.
8. Conservation Ethic  
–  Tag and Release for scientific purposes
–  Revegetation of depleted areas
–  Input into freshwater stream flow research
–  National Carp Policy
–  National Aquaculture Policy
9. Fellowship within a National organisation  
–  200 clubs across Australia
–  Conventions
–  Conferences
–  Visiting ANSA sportfishers warmly greeted by local contacts
–  Local knowledge freely passed between members
10. Representation on peak bodies
–  Founding member of ARFF
–  Founding member of RECFISH AUSTRALIA
–  Affiliated with IGFA
–  State Branches members of independent peak bodies (where established)
11. Recognition of most meritorious capture
– Australia wide
– Winner presented with prize at Annual National Conference
12. Internet Site  
–  Achievements and ethos available to the world
–  Record chart updated regularly
–  Links to State branches
–  Sharing experiences with other members (photos, stories etc)
–  Direct contact enabled at the member level
13. Family  
–  A family oriented organisation
–  Women well represented at all levels
–  Children welcomed and encouraged
14. Functions, conferences, conventions  
–  Open to all members
–  Conferences provide interaction between members, politicians and fishing industry
–  Conventions provide opportunity for members to fish and exchange experiences
15. Representation to/with parliamentarians  
–  Parliamentarians at State and National level are ANSA members
–  Organisation is respected, providing access to high levels of government
16. Active participation in scientific research  
–  Catch and release / Released fish survival
– State tagging programmes established under a National banner
–  Catch Effort databases being established
–  Size/weight frequency data collection
–  Participation in prevention of introduction of foreign species through ballast water
–  Preparing and publishing scientific papers from our own data
17. Direct membership  
– Available to individuals that are unable or choose not to participate in club activities
18. Communication  
–  Promotional brochures
–  In house news bulletin
–  Bulletin copies emailed to Branches and Clubs
–  Member contributions welcomed and encouraged
–  Viewpoints raised and discussed
–  Future directions planned and laid out
19. Membership Card  
–  Allows individual to be identified as an ANSA member throughout the country
–  Already provides for discounts at a number of retail outlets
–  Not available in all states.

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