Meritorious Capture Awards

To commemorate a lifetime contribution of service to ANSA by the late Geoff “Hawko” Hawkins (Life Member ANSA National and ANSA NSW Branch) the Board of ANSA and State Branch Delegates attending the 2016 AGM and Branch Delegates meeting, unanimously agreed to dedicate  these prestigious awards to the memory of Geoff. The awards hereinafter will be referred to as the “Geoff Hawkins Memorial Meritorious Capture Awards”.

ANSA conducts an annual Geoff Hawkins Memorial Meritorious Capture award competition. This prestigious competition runs from 1 July to 30 June every year and has 2 categories – freshwater and saltwater.

ANSA members are encouraged to nominate for these prestigious awards . The fish does not need to be a record capture but as the name implies there must be an meritorious aspect about how the capture was made. The awards are decided by the ANSA Board in conjunction with Branch Delegates attending the ANSA Annual General Meeting and Delegates conference. Meritorious Capture Award nomination forms are available on the ANSA website.

The Meritorious Capture award winner for 2020/21 was Dakota Colls from SA, aged 5, with her amazing recapture of a 44 cm Golden Callop which had been tagged and released by her slightly elder brother Rhys back in 2017. The runner up was Steve Incledon, also from SA, who after many years of trying finally achieved his ambition of lure casting the capture of  a Murray Cod.  You can read this years Meritorious Capture stories and those of previous award winners here.”

Dakota Colls story, an amazing story and a great capture.

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